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Heading Couples Night Out events in Canada and joining the cast of Date Night Comedy Tour across North American, Steve speaks to ten of thousands each year.



"In the comedy world timing is everything and Steve's 25 plus years of stand-up and speaking leaves his mark as a veteran communicator with a life of story telling for all ages" Eric Spath - Event Producer


"Steve Geyer gave one of the best Gospel presentations I have ever heard." Chuck Colson, Founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries

Steve Geyer grew up in Florida, the youngest of three siblings in a single parent home. On the outside his family appeared normal, but in private the abuse was brutal. Humour became a way to bring peace and control to the situation.
In college, Steve tried his hand at open mic nights at local comedy clubs, and it stuck. He went on to work as a nightclub entertainer opening for acts such as Sinbad, Billy Crystal, and Ray Romano. His partying left him at the bottom of his ability to cope one night, and he drove to a church he’d visited years previous. The message rang true for him, and Steve accepted the Lord.

Looking back, Steve admits his faith wasn’t as solid as it could have been. “I bought the fire insurance, but was double minded.”

Steve moved to Nashville in 1986 and was married his wife Kathy in 1988. “She was really the catalyst for opening my eyes to the relational aspect of what it meant to be a Christian.”

Steve connected with a group of men who mentored him and helped him grow and mature in his faith. In time, Steve was invited by the husband and wife musical duo Farrell and Farrell to go on tour with them, and this launched him in Christian comedy. Geyer got a record deal with Star Song Records, and went on to record a live video and three comedy albums.

Steve Geyer has toured with artists such as 4HIM, Point of Grace, DeGarmo & Key, DCTalk, White Heart, and many others. He’s been the featured speaker at many Christian festivals including Jesus Northwest, Atlanta Fest, and Texas Alive.

In 1998, Steve took a break from stand-up comedy to work with youth as an Associate Pastor in Fayetteville, GA. In 2003, he once again returned to speaking and comedy full-time, but not at the exclusion of his ministry. “My comedy works because I’m not just an entertainer but rather my stories about being in the third world, about what’s happening in people’s lives — these are current and relevant and ministry is always part of who I am. I talk about real life, about what’s going on in people’s lives and in the church right now.”

Through humor, Geyer delivers powerful messages to provide hope, and start people on a new journey that changes lives and helps audiences find their purpose in God’s kingdom. “My message is ha ha — ouch,” says Geyer. “The Church is really good at covering things up. Let’s pull off the bandage a bit and talk turkey, otherwise this hurt won’t get any better.”

Watch for Steve’s new book Shameless: Set Free From The Mask released in February, 2016 and is available on Amazon.


    When I first became a Christian it was probably more about “not going to hell” than it was about restoring my relationship with God. But when I began (really) reading the Bible I discovered that every page I turned to was about relationship and not rules and certainly not about religion. I have recently resigned from living “for” Jesus so that I can live “from” Jesus. “Christ in me… the hope of glory.” Colossians 1:27


    Like a lot of guys, I married way above my head. I met my wife Kathy when I was speaking at a church in Florida and we’ve been married for over 25 years… and we still really like each other. Our daughter Kirsten and son Graham both attend a university in Kennesaw Georgia… and we still really like them too.


    When I accepted the free gift of God’s amazing grace I believe I also received a “download” of His compassion. Though a comic by trade and projecting a smarty-pants exterior, I’ve always been kind of “mushy” inside. God’s love compelled me to desire more than just making people laugh, but to serve those in need or as Jesus says, “the least of these.”


    Comedy has always been a part of my wiring and was refined while growing up in a broken home. My siblings are actually a lot funnier than me, but were also a lot more talented. So when they grew out of the “class clown” phase I sort of extended it into a career. Laughter breaks down barriers better than lecturing people about all that I know… I’ve discovered its much better to share what I’m learning using humor as the method.

  • * June 10 Hanmer, ON (A Date Nite To Remember)
  • * June 11 Lively, ON (A Date Nite To Remember)
  • * June 15 Little Current, ON (A Date Nite To Remember)
  • * June 16 Sundridge, ON (A Date Nite To Remember)
  • * June 17 Sault Ste Marie, ON (A Date Nite To Remember)

  • For more information and tickets, check out Fun and Faith!

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      World Vision Couple’s night out with Steve Geyer was a great event. If you are looking to laugh with your spouse, you want this event in your church. Steve Geyer is hilarious but also very real with his honest first hand life experiences. Thank you to Rob McKinley and the World Vision team for bringing this event to our area. Can’t wait to have Steve and Rob back.
      Mark Davis – Lead Pastor, Westwinds Community Church, Surrey BC   

      With laughter and wisdom almost seamlessly woven together, Steve disarmed us and led us through an evening of vulnerable reflection on our marriages. An affective combination that enriched our marriages.
      Edgar Unrau – Lead Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Chemainus BC   

      As a Pastor, I really appreciate when a speaker is able to not only connect with the congregation and visitors, but impact me as well. Steve’s gut-busting humour allows the Spirit to pull our walls down so that He can act with precision in our lives through Steve’s poignant wisdom and testimony. It truly was a great ‘date night out’ for us! Travis Hutchinson – Lead Pastor, Shelbourne Street Church of Christ, Victoria BC

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